Sunday, January 24, 2010

14 Months On....

I can't believe it's been 14 months since Bregan came into our lives! He brought such great hope, happiness, love, compassion, and so much more! I really do wonder what he would be like today - walking, crawling, eating, being guided and directed by his big sister??? We miss you so much Bregan!!
Today something else special will be taking place at Vanderbilt. This morning we are going in for our induction to meet the newest Webb member! My OB understands my desire to have him deliver our Rainbow daughter and deliver her in the hospital that is neighbors with Monroe Carrell's Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. We really didn't want to risk just going into labor and driving down to Nashville given that I tend to have quick'ish labors. Maybe next time, we will be more relaxed and willing to go with the flow, but this time I need someone that I trust.
We are excited, nervous, worried, scared, happy, and filled with an immense hope. We don't have a name yet - we are waiting to meet this little girl, but we have several in mind for her. We leave in a couple of hours to go to Vanderbilt L&D. Aidan is going to a friends house for the day and hopefully Daddy can pick her up tonight and bring her home. I am gonna miss my big girl that just turned 4 on the 21st~! Please see cutie pic of her blowing Daddy kisses.
I ask for your positive thoughts, vibes and prayers for a healthy and save delivery of this little girl! I ask that she come home with us and take her place as my 4th sweet baby and that she will nurse at the breast and love us just as much as we love her! I ask that our Sweet Guardian Angel Bregan know that he is not forgotten and that I miss him soooo much! I ask that you watch over your big brother Dakota while he is in Airborne school and your big sister Aidan while she adjust to your new little sister. But I ask of you to please look out after your baby sister and protect her even though I couldn't protect you. I love you Bregan and we miss you so much.....


  1. I will be thinking of you guys today!

  2. Everything is going to be great! I'll be thinking of you (I do anyways but TODAY!- yes, often). Enjoy that new little bundle. Post when you can. Good luck to the happy family.

  3. I read you had little miss in the PR, congratulations!