Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nearly Two Years

It has been nearly two years since we held our sweet little boy! I will never forget what he looked like and how wonderful and cuddly he was. I often wonder how he would be today - running around at top speed or laid back and calm in the midst of his older sister.
I think the thing that gets me the most is saying that it's been "2 years"! Two YEARS! WOW! Where did this time go? Our hearts have healed with time - but it's still not fair! We should be planning for a fun birthday, getting ready to go to a big boy bed, learning the ABC song, etc... Two years also becomes plural - like really long ago Bregan was here... It's just odd.
So, we are planning to visit Vanderbilt for his birthday and present a check to the NICU Social Workers Fund. If anyone wants to donate in Bregan's Memory, please see the info in my very first post or the post for Bregan's first birthday. This year though we are giving part of his birthday money to a fund for a friend whose daughter has Neuroblastoma. Hopefully she will be fine and they have caught it quickly enough.
Thank you for reading and I promise to update more on Bregan's birthday!