Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year.....

I have never been much on the whole New Year hoopla. I mean most people will be doing the same thing 364 days from now and making big promises about the new coming New Year. So I find, it's best if I just consider it a total inconvenience (no mail, businesses closed) and treat it like any other day on the calendar. Oh, and I find that I really despise holidays this year, so I am at least happy to see them go.
So, I have no new resolutions, I am not promising to be a better person, I am not looking forward to becoming another year older, I am not looking forward to my oldest son leaving. Though I am looking forward to loving my family even more, continuing to allow Bregan to work through us to become better people and maybe giving him a little brother or sister.
I wanted to add more to this blog, though it's kind of hard to at times. I mean what does one add to a blog that is dedicated to an Angel? I am not going to but my most inter private thoughts and feelings on here - they wouldn't be private then. Though I am going to work on adding more details to Bregan's birth story. I am remember giving birth to my Precious Bregan just like it happened 5 minutes ago, but there are a few blanks that others might be interested in me filling.
I hope everyone will check back in from time to time. Take care!