Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Rainbow Baby

Our Rainbow Baby Girl - Thalia Evan, arrived after less than 6 hours of labor on 24 JAN 2010 at Vanderbilt University Hospital. It was a very healing and relaxing birth. It was also our 7th wedding anniversary! We took about 5 hours to finally name Thalia Evan - but we think the names suits her well.
I was so glad that we chose the OB and hospital we did for this birth! We felt Bregan's presence there in so many ways and that was very calming. I opted for an epi this time since I was going the pitocin route and really, it wasn't that bad at all. After the dramatic and painful birth of Bregan, we welcomed the relaxing and peaceful birth of Thalia.
Thalia Evan - Our Rainbow Baby Girl, 1/24/10, 2:57 CST, 8lbs 80z, 201/2 in long. Full head of reddish-blonde hair with natural highlights! Picture taken after her bath when she was about 4 hours old. She looks nothing like Dakota, Aidan or Bregan ! But she is soooo beautiful!